8 Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

As more businesses are going online as the new norm, cloud-based solutions are gaining popularity as well.

Employees no longer need to retrieve physical files in workplaces. They can now easily share copies of documents with each other and with their clients.

Learn more about the benefits of cloud-based solutions from our article below.

Remote Working Made Easy

When you use cloud services, you are ditching the traditional hardware and folders that you will typically need for file transfers or sharing with your colleagues or clients.

You will only have to upload your files into cloud storage and remember the login ID and password to access it from any device – even with your mobile phone.

Some cloud solutions also have cross-device, syncing mobile apps to make this process work better.

Integrated Solutions

Most cloud-based applications can be integrated with other cloud software, making your files and programs accessible anywhere.

You will no longer have to purchase CDs to install your software with these solutions. Instead, you can sign up for subscriptions to any other additional software that you may need.

Automated Updates

Traditional software might not come with regular updates and can be prone to cyber-attacks. Cloud-based solutions come with routine updates to ensure that the system stays faultless and can keep up with cybersecurity measures.

You can always check for new updates within the cloud system itself before installing any available new features to be used immediately afterward.

It is also possible to revert to a previous version of your software if you prefer to do so, and report bugs with just a click or two.

Usage Flexibility

In the past, you might have had to install all sorts of applications into your employees’ working laptop as a standard company procedure.

However, with cloud-based solutions, you do not have to install any redundant programs.

You may not need to install anything at all. Some cloud solutions are accessible straight from your internet browser, so you can log on and use any programs that you want.

This means more storage space on your work laptop for additional documents and offline backups.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

We already know about the lack of paper usage that comes with using cloud solutions, but there’s more to how environmentally friendly this solution can be.

If you ever need to increase your cloud usage, you will only have to increase your server capacity to fit your needs.

This means that you are using only the amount of energy required to run exactly what you need and nothing more, minimizing your carbon footprint.

Regular File Backups

Cloud solutions often come with their backup services alongside everything else. These backups are usually stored in the cloud solution’s server.

So you will not have to worry about the storage space these backup files take up, or manually back up the data yourself.

You can choose the frequency of the backup file creation depending on your needs. Run backups more often when files are changed, and less often when there are no changes.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Most server-hosted programs have a flexible subscription fee. You can pay per active user on your enterprise account, or per software hosted on your server.

In some cases, you will only have to pay for the server storage size used as well, topping up as your usage needs to increase.

This method is more cost-effective than purchasing a physical storage space that you may or may not need. Pay only for what you need, and nothing more.

Competitive Advantage

Even small businesses can effectively compete with large corporations when they utilize cloud-based solutions.

Cloud solutions can help so much in terms of work efficacy and cost-efficiency so that companies can focus on doing what matters most, giving them a competitive edge.