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Job management software for AV systems designers


Professional AV control solutions, such as the service here, are a good way to get a wholesome coverage of all the nuts and bolts. You won’t have to pick and ascertain what you need to work with. With their industry experience and skill, professional AV control solutions from renowned companies often know the best way out of a problem, or the best way to set up and install an AV system given the conditions and requirements.

Are you an AV systems designer? You’re at the right place. Today, we’re going to have a look at the best and most efficient job management software for people just like you.

Let’s have a look without further ado!

  1. D-Tools is a great software for nearly everything.
  2. Visio within D-Tools is great for the schematics.
  3. Plans and elevations are designed the best on AutoCAD.
  4. Simpro is also great for job management and one-off projects.
  5. For accounting, use Xero or QuickBooks.
  6. Any drawing (including schematics) turns out to be amazing on Vectorworks.
  7. AutoCAD or Revit are both great options for drafting nearly everything. You might need the ConnectCAD plugin.
  8. Jetbuilt is a great software for design, CRM, and quoting.
  9. If you’re into the resi market more than the commercial, it might be a good idea to use iPoint. It’s got everything from work orders, allocation, and proposal generation to inventory ordering and tracking, among other features. It also ties into QuickBooks for accounting.

The problem you might run into with D-Tools is the regular updating. Accepting their license, waiting for updates, waiting for the installation – all this every month can be a bummer for many.

There are many more options. Software choices also depend on whether it’s for resi use or commercial use.

That’s why if you have even a shred of doubt, it might be a good idea to outsource the requirement to professional AV control solutions providers.

How to Get More Video Views on Facebook


Usually, a user needs to increase the quantity for marketing purposes. If you want a certain video to be popular you should apply some rules and use methods that will quicken the promotion process. Today this social media platform has more than 2 billion active accounts, a fact that creates huge opportunities for marketing and sales.

What do you need to know before you upload a video on Facebook?

At first, you should choose landscape, square, or portrait video format. After you did that, consider following those tips:

  1. Consistency. If you post videos regularly, the Facebook algorithm «recognizes» it and a video gets promoted to have more views. It is added to the general feed which will surely bring more potential customers. Apart from regular uploads, your vids should have content of a similar theme so the followers won’t be confused.
  2. Define the best video type. In marketing, different promotion strategies are applied according to the content type. A video can be educational, inspirational, entertaining, animated, or aimed to sell goods or services.
  3. Resolution. Film at least in 1080p – this is a modern standard for any video content that is made to sell or promote. When it comes to getting more views, having at least a decent resolution is important. Use H.264 and AAC codec for the audio. Sadly Facebook supports vids up to 1080p quality. But things may soon change.
  4. The video should look good even without sound. For some accounts sound is off by default. The Facebook feed is full of video content and sometimes unprofessional uploaders post content with too high volume or adds frankly annoying music. Use subtitles or create a picture that would be informative without audio.
  5. Thumbnail. People click on a video with a decent picture that has been chosen and a thumbnail. If you do not add a front picture, a platform will choose a random frame which in most cases is pleasant at all. Consider a graphic designer so he can draw a thumbnail for your content.
  6. Add text. Describe the main topics which would be disclosed in a video. Never clickbait or you will lose all followers in an instant. Write about the advantages of the product but don’t make the description too long or too short.
  7. Square format. This format used to be popular in 2019 because it is bigger and watchers will tend to watch such videos.
  8. Title as a frame. This feature lets people know what this video is about. No one will click on unidentified content as long as it has an informative thumbnail.
  9. Call to action. If you are selling products or services just call to buy them at the end of the video. This is a simple method some marketing managers refuse to exploit.
  10. Buy views on Facebook. If your account is fresh you will need some boosting. Create an artificial interest before gaining real followers. You can do it here.

We hope that those tips will help you to get more views and subscribers so you can promote products and raise your income.

Hernia Lawsuit: What are the settlement options available for the victim?


Did you implant a hernia mesh but now suffer with serious injuries? Did you receive injuries like chronic pain, sexual inability, indigestion, and constipation?

If you are also a victim of the same, then you have landed on the right page. In this post, we will discuss Hernia mesh injuries, settlement options, and more. So, let’s get started!

What are Hernia Mesh Lawsuits?

Hernia Mesh lawsuit is a legal allegation against the mesh manufacturer by patients who suffered potential injuries and risks because of mesh failure. The lawsuit will claim against the manufacturer in order to mislead the doctors against mesh quality and risks involved in it.

The legal settlement in this litigation was 3000 with an amount date of $184 billion in 2011.

People who filed hernia mesh claims are possibly suffering from hernia mesh problems that required surgical reparations. The patients suffering from the damages have to weigh medical bills, injections, loss of quality of life, pain, and more.

The manufacturers can accuse for the following:

  • Deliver defective product
  • Designing a wasteful product
  • Failed to warn doctors and patients about the risks involved in it.

What is the current position of the Hernia mesh lawsuit?

By checking stats, approximately 17,134 cases are pending in lawsuits against medical drugs in federal court in Ohio. The cases are rescheduling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, the process will start by summer 2021.

What conditions lead to Hernia Mesh lawsuit?

People can file the hernia mesh lawsuit if they are suffering with the following complications. However, some people have confirmed their major complication even after the recovery surgery.

You can easily file the case, if you have been suffering with the same.

  • Pain- if it lasts for months and a year.
  • Inflammation- the hernia mesh implant may create complications to bowel movements.
  • Infection- the use of damaged or defective mesh caused major infection in the body.
  • Damage of mesh- if the implant gets damaged, it leads to revision surgery or frequent medications of pain and infection.
  • Damage of other tissues- defective hernia mesh has damaged the other body parts and tissues.
  • Long-term body issues- if patients have delayed the complications, they might suffer with long-term issues.
  • Groin pain- the patient might feel pain or swell on the groin.

Who can expect the Hernia Mesh claim?

You have the right to file a Hernia mesh claim if you had mesh surgery and suffer from serious complications, most importantly if you have received mesh from manufacturers like Ethicon, Bard Davol, and Atrium.

Major keys points to check:

  • Hernias mesh surgery after Jan 1, 2006.
  • If the patient is suffering from serious injuries like hard bowel movements, organ damage, and more.
  • Revise hernia mesh surgery
  • If the surgeon told you that you need to revise surgery because of complications.


Many patients have filed a Hernia mesh claim, but one must ensure all the medical proofs in their hands. Hence, hernia mesh lawyers will fast-track your case.

What Will the Government Do About the Growing Conflict in the Middle East?


Right now, a significant portion of the world is still focused on moving past the pandemic. This makes sense, as people are starting to get rid of masks for the first time and more of the world continues to get vaccinated. On the other hand, this also means that much of the world is returning to its prior state, including the Middle East. There are a lot of people who might not have heard, but Israel and Palestine appear to be at war once again. What does this mean for the future? What is the current government going to do about this issue? There are many groups, such as No Labels, that are working hard to bridge the gap between the two parties, encouraging them to come together. What are the major issues at play right now?

Israel and Palestine Have Been at War Since the Dawn of Palestine

The sad reality is that Israel and Palestine have been at war since the creation of the Palestinian state. While it is true that much of the conflict has to do with religion, this is an oversimplification of the issue. The very idea of creating an Israeli state in the region runs antithetical to a lot of the Islamic states that have been in the area for thousands of years. With three separate religions viewing Jerusalem as a holy site, religious groups have been fighting for control of the area for thousands of years. The current borders were largely drawn by European powers at the end of the colonial area. Conflicts have been happening in the area ever since then.

Israel Fires Rockets Into the Gaza Strip

If the Gaza Strip sounds familiar, that is because it has been a flashpoint in the conflict in the past. It is one of the contested territories that has been a major focus for decades as the two sides have tried to work out their differences. In a lot of cases, these differences have tried to resolve themselves with the help of mediators, such as the UK and the USA. Unfortunately, most of these simply amounted to temporary solutions to a much larger issue.

Now, Israel is firing rockets into the area again, leading to dozens of deaths, including the deaths of civilians. What is happening over there is reprehensible, and the government has yet to step up and come out against the violence that is taking place in the region.

Palestine Fires Rockets Back at Israel

It should come as no surprise that if Israel is firing rockets into the region that Palestine is going to fire rockets back. It is true that Palestine is controlled by Hamas, which has been labeled a terrorist group. Palestine’s rockets have landed in civilian areas as well, killing innocent people. Of course, this is also reprehensible; however, the two countries are the farthest thing from equal when it comes to military strength. Backed by the United States, and as the biggest ally of the USA in the Middle East, Israel has received a lot of financial and military support from the US since the Cold War. Now, they are flexing their might, using it to put down Palestine. The reality is that Palestine simply does not have the resources of Israel.

Israel Has an Iron Dome Overhead

In addition, Israel also has the protection of something called an Iron Dome that it can use to shoot down incoming rockets. While Israel has erected this defense system to protect itself against attacks from other countries, it can use it to protect against rockets from Hamas as well.

The system acts as a missile shield. It uses rockets to shoot down incoming rockets that are fired by its enemies, including Hamas. Israel is quick to point out that the system is not perfect. There are rockets that have hit their targets, killing innocent civilians, which is terrible. On the other hand, there is a difference between Israel and Palestine, in that Palestine does not have an Iron Dome. The rockets fired by Israel simply hit their targets, killing civilians.

Where Does the United States Stand on This Issue?

Right now, there are a lot of people who are waiting to see where the USA stands on this issue. The reality is that many people, including Biden, are still equivocating on the issue. They are simply stating things such as “Israel has a right to defend itself,” which is the weakest response imaginable. The USA knows that Israel is one of its few allies in the region, so they are not going to criticize Israel quickly.

At the same time, some issues should be easy to address. Killing civilians is bad. The government needs to come out and say so instead of saying, “I haven’t yet had time to fully read the report.” The reality is that the equivocating seen in the government right now is simply an extension of the dysfunction in the government. If the US government is too busy fighting amongst itself, it allows evil to spread unchecked. The US should be busy trying to resolve this issue in an effort to save innocent lives instead of focusing attacks on the other party. If the government does not come together to heal, the violence is only going to get worse, and the US could lose face on the international stage more than it already has.

Enjoy mother nature on your visit to Moco Museum


Amsterdam is known for its wide range of museums. A good example is the popular and youthful Moco Museum. But mother nature also has art to offer. This emblematic city has a great diversity of parks and gardens that you can visit after going to the museum Amsterdam. Let’s start with the Begijnhof located in the center of Amsterdam. Originally used as a sanctuary for the Beguines sisterhood, today it is a colorful inner garden courtyard. In this jadin you will find a chapel, the oldest wooden house found in Amsterdam, a 15th century English church, and some beautiful gable stones. Remember that it is a place to relax and disconnect from the noise of the city, so it is mandatory to be quiet once inside. You can access through either of its two entrances: Spui or Gedempte Beginensloot.

Unleash your creativity on the green grass

There is nothing better to unleash your creativity than sitting or lying on green grass. That contact with Mother Nature allows us to open our minds and let our ideas flow. A good park to visit in Amsterdam is the Vondelpark, considered the green heart of Amsterdam. Here you can find playgrounds and a paddling pool for the kids. The older ones can enjoy a coffee while admiring Picasso’s The Bird, one of the art sculptures present in the park, next to a rose garden and beautiful trees. You can also visit the Rijksmuseum Garden located in Museumplein. Enjoy the nature present in this garden. Sit on any of the benches, while appreciating the lovely water fountain.

There is also a place for picnic lovers

If you are one of those who like to picnic in contact with nature, Amsterdam also has special places reserved for you. Let’s talk about the Sarphati Park located in the De Pijp neighborhood of the city close to the Albert Cuyp market. Although it is a small urban park, it is perfect for relaxing, picnicking, playing tennis or exercising. The name of this park honors the doctor and philanthropist Samuel Sarphati (1813-1866). If you are thinking of having a picnic in contact with nature, it is best to do it with organic products, right? The Organic Farmer’s Market offers you the best organic products available in the area. It is located in the picturesque square of the Noorderkerk church in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district. Buy directly from the producers food products such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, fish, meat and much more.

Where Can You Find Sewing Machines?


Out of all the hobbies out there that people can find themselves enjoying, sewing is one hobby that has been around for centuries. While it didn’t always used to be a hobby that people would do for their own entertainment to pass the time, sewing still has plenty of uses in today’s time. With that being said, to do an efficient job at sewing, you are going to want to make sure that you have a working sewing machine. If you aren’t sure where you should be looking for sewing machines, then one of the best places you can search is going to be at a specialised sewing shop.

How Can a Sewing Shop Help?

When you begin your search for new sewing machines in Taunton, you may also wonder what a shop that dedicates itself to sewing and sewing supplies can offer you. More often than not, you will find some of the following:

  • Servicing and repairs for sewing machines new and old
  • Advice for which sewing machine will suit your needs most
  • Accessories and parts for all sewing machine types
  • New and old sewing machines for sale

If you are interested in the area of sewing, one of the best places to get started is going to be at a shop where people can answer your questions and direct you toward machines that can serve your needs while still being fairly easy to operate.

Why Should You Look for a Sewing Machine?

There are some benefits to sewing and stitching by hand, but more often than not, sewing with the use of a machine can make things tremendously easier for yourself. Not only does it mean that the process can go a lot faster than it otherwise would, but sewing machines can help you refine your sewing skills in a number of other ways. Even if you have an antique sewing machine that you appreciate, sometimes getting a brand-new machine can help you get the job done even more efficiently, giving you all the more reason to search for one.

Excellent Outsourcing Solution for All Types of Commercial Companies


There are no businesses that would reject the idea of cutting costs and unnecessary spendings, making every part of the business automated, and having IT tools at their disposal. Today, it has become a new norm to hire expert teams that guarantee better results and a well-arranged plan to run the business. Outsourcing can be great since it makes an impact on the whole company and every job position. Outsourcing can help you benefit from manufacturing, get advertised, or simply save the employees’ time and nerves that are otherwise spent on monotonous tasks.

Helpware is among the well known and trusted outsourcing companies that allow commercial directors to:

  • Save costs for equipment, the technology of manufacturing, and hiring staff.
  • Focus on the more vital elements and taskware instead of dealing with less critical issues.
  • Perform better online with the help of modern information technologies.
  • Arrange communication between the business and clients (and inside the team).

Key Benefits That You Get With Helpware Team

The Helpware company mostly specializes in providing solutions of Back Office Support and Customer Support. Here are more details on what they do and what peculiarities of Helpware solutions to expect.

  1. Establishing consistent customer support service. For your trade to be accessible for clients all over the globe at any moment they get interested, the outsourcing team at Helpware can create a customer service consisting of phone calls, emails, live chats on the website or in the mobile app, or at social media pages. Helpware agents use over the 20 most widespread languages are constantly expanding in this area for you to reach out to more clients.
  2. Allowing tech support. Since most of the business today is done online, technical support in times when something breaks down gives immeasurable benefits. At Helpware, they don’t leave you face to face with tech problems. They solve technical issues and prevent future mistakes.
  3. Back office management. This includes managing your projects and correcting them, managing the workforce and improving the hiring process, compressing large-scale projects, and getting rid of monotonous tasks. Outsourcing is also very practical – it helps each team member to realize their place in the company and what expectations this company has for them. Back office management is called to make working comfortable and enjoyable for every company.
  4. Cost optimization. The team you hire will also search for the answers to the question ‘How to get better results and spend less money?’ Cutting expenses might not be a new idea but as soon as there is a smart strategy built to reach your business goals and save costs for other significant processes, you see what difference Helpware makes.

Helpware service is also called Microtasking Platform. Its microtasks include separate tasks in the spheres of online commerce, sport, technologies, vehicles, and agriculture. Regardless of the sphere or specification, your online commerce will rise up with this dedicated outsourcing team.

Location of Ocean Shipping Lanes in Global Trade.


If you are part and puzzle of the shipping industry specializing in oceanic transport and trade, definitely you are aware of various ocean shipping lanes that virtually assist you in moving from one point to another to complete your delivery. Statistics reveal that the shipping industry transport around 11 billion tons of freight over the ocean annually. This shipment accounts for approximately 88% of all products that trade on a global platform revealing why ocean shipping lanes are of great significance.Shipping in the ocean has all the space your shipment needs and it can be delivered anywhere across the world.

According to Forbes, the next decennium will witness more innovative ideologies in ocean shipping related advancements than the past hundred years combined. Shipping lanes are both human-made and natural. Their crucial role is to streamline the shipping process and deliver the item to their destination as fast and efficiently as possible. This article will outline the significant ocean shipping lanes that play an enormous role in global trade.

Bosphorus Strait

This strait links the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. It’s a boundary between Asia and Europe, and it is used primarily for military, commercial, and oil trade. Currently, there are two bridges, namely Phosphorous Bridge and the Faith Sultan Mehmed spanning this strait.

Bosphorus has formulated restrained traveling and size restrictions imposed on it, but normal operations for chemical tankers, cargo ships, bulk carriers, livestock vessels, and container ships pass through each day. Bosphorus strait stretches along 19 miles with the largest width of 2.3 miles across, being at the northernmost entrance. The locals heavily fish from this strait.

Panama Canal

This canal is a human-made ocean shipping lane under the ownership of the Republic of Panama. Its vital role is to mitigate transit time for vessels traveling between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Panama Canal was completed in 1914. It allows ships to connect the oceans instead of sailing around Cape Horn and South America’s southern tip, therefore, cutting between 2000 and 8000 miles off every vessel’s trip.

This canal is regarded as one of the most strategically situated human-made shipping lanes in the globe. Around 14,000 vessels pass through the Panama Canal annually carrying refrigerated and canned food to chemicals, machinery, lumber, fats, or vegetable oils.

Saint Lawrence Seaway

This shipping lane joins the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, and the seaway system culminates into the world’s tenacious deep-batch navigation system. You can spend approximately eight and a half days traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to Duluth, Minnesota, and the Great Lakes.

 Saint Lawrence Seaway shipping lane extends for about 2,300 miles through North America, serving as a direct linkage designation for Quebec, Ontario, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and New York. Over 300,000 pounds of materials crisscross the Saint Lawrence Seaway annually, including clothing, machinery, lumber, and agricultural products.

Strait of Malacca

This strait connects the South China Sea in the Pacific Ocean to the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. It’s the second busiest waterway globally. You will notice that it possesses a distinct funnel shape. It’s the shortest route between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

This shipping lane plays a significant role in various economies, including Malaysia, India, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea. Statistics reveal that around 83000 vessels use this shipping lane each year to deliver and transport cargo. This strait is famous for ferrying palm oil, coal, liquefied natural gas.

Suez Canal

Currently, Suez Canal is one of the most vital shipping lanes in the world. It’s a human-made shipping route connecting the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. You take the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea course when you take the Suez Canal route.

To navigate through the Suez Canal takes about 16 hours from start to finish. It’s one of the most utilized shipping lanes globally, accounting for about 100 vessels making their way through it every day. It’s crucial for the transportation of oil and catering to freight industries.

The Danish Straits

Its works seamlessly connect the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. A system of three channels, namely Little Belt, the Great Belt, and the Oresund, form Danish Straits. The Great Belt Channel is the widest of the three tracks in the Danish Straits.

These dimensions make this strait to be a perfect shipping lane for large or oversized vessels. Statistics demonstrate that millions of crude oil barrels use this shipping lane every day. It’s also popular with freight vessels and for transporting dry goods to and from Russia to Europe. This strait is pivotal to Europe’s petroleum trade.

Creating Customized Engagement Announcements


Getting engaged is one of the remarkable happy moments of people in love, and they can share this joy by making perfect engagement announcements that show their style with Mixbook. You can include beautiful wedding photos and change the background, wording, fonts, and colors to completely customize how you intend to share the wonderful news with your family and friends.

Personalized Engagement Announcements Photo Cards

There are very few things in life that bring the same excitement as during a wedding proposal and a promise to marry the one who is proposing. Take up the amusing eagerness and share the happiness with your loved ones knowing that you will marry and spend the rest of your life with the person you care for and love most. Use custom engagement announcement photo cards to share this delightful news because they feature stunning designs, the finest paper, and can include pictures capturing happy moments you spent with your partner.

Mixbook Engagement Announcement Photo Cards

When planning on sharing your engagement news with family and friends, imagine how excited they will be to know that you are about to get married and start your own family. Is there any other special way of sharing this news other than using personalized engagement announcement photo cards? It is said to be the best because it consists of a wider selection of romantic designs from which you chose the one that truly portrays your personalities as a couple. Choose an interesting card design that suits your favorite pictures or photos that feature you and your fiancé. You are supposed to choose the best pictures and attractive design because the image created by the engagement card will live in the minds of your loved ones.

 Individualize your cards however you want using Mixbook’s excellent textures, many free stickers, backgrounds, or magnificent finishes. Some of the engagement announcement paper choices are 100 lb paper, smooth matte, or premium 110 lb. silk paper. Additional decorative features like simple foil embellishment give your card a charming look and feel to your engagement by adding a glitter touch to match the gleam on your smiling faces. These engagement announcement cards are treasured by you and your loved ones, and you preserve them in your scrapbooks for memories.

Engagement Announcement Ideas and Trends

Most couples prefer using photo engagement cards to announce the great news because they love trendy, photo-journalistic shots announcing their upcoming marriage ceremony. Bright images are used to give some personal details of the couple, like a closeup of them holding hands with the ring being visible or use a funny or cute twist of the announcement.

The personalized engagement announcement cards are used to express a feeling that ranges from truly affectionate to humorous messages criticizing the groom for taking so long to ask her. You can also include your favorite vacation photos alongside your names, the anticipated wedding date, and any other special message you intend to share.

In summary, you can create a special engagement announcement card on your own or follow the trends. Mixbook enables you to browse various samples of announcement cards considering different looks until you get one that meets your relationship’s needs. Let your love be seen through you and your cards to make the people close and far look forward to your engagement day.

How to Finance a Caravan for Your Travels with Auto Finance Online


Caravan trips are becoming more popular due to their flexibility and the coronavirus pandemic’s onset, which has led many people to decide to avoid hotels and other static types of accommodation. Then, to get the caravan of your dreams for all of your outdoor adventures, here are some of the next steps that you should consider taking.

Look at Financing Options

Before you decide on how you are going to finance your caravan, you should research all of the financing options that are available. For instance, as well as banks, there are now many individual companies that can offer financing and loans for your caravan or motorhome. For instance, at Auto Finance Online, they can offer you no fees loans and rates from 6.9% ARP. To get a quote from them, all you need to do is to calculate the amount that you’d like to borrow and how many years you would like to pay it back over. Once you have done this, you will then be able to get a caravan from a reputable dealer, with Auto Finance helping you to deal with the financial aspects of this every step of the way.

Choose Second Hand Models

After you have decided to take out a loan, though, you need to make sure that you choose the right model of caravan for your financial situation, as this may affect the terms and length of your loan. Rather than choose a completely new model, you should consider picking a second-hand option that can allow you to travel around the world without having to pay out an extortionate amount of money to do so. Then, you should find a reputable dealer of used caravans and motorhomes that can help you to find the model that you want at a fraction of the cost.

Find a Good Repayment Scheme

When you are looking to take out a loan for your caravan, you should make sure that you can repay the money that you have taken out in the time that you have agreed upon. Many loan schemes are flexible in terms of repayments, and you can speak to them to find a repayment timeline that suits you and your budget.

Find Older Models

As well as choosing second-hand models, you should consider opting for older caravans. Although these might require more repairs and maintenance over time, newer models lose their value more quickly and can leave you losing money once you decide to sell. Then, not only can older models retain their value, but you are more likely to be able to afford these due to their lower price from the outset.

Save Up

However, even if you are thinking of taking out a loan, you need to make sure that you begin to save up for your caravan in advance to cover the costs of purchase as well as the running costs. The more you save up, the smaller the loan you will need to take out, and the quicker you may pay this off. Then, by saving up enough cash for your big purchase, you will be able to buy a better model and have as few strings as possible attached to your purchase.