Enjoy mother nature on your visit to Moco Museum

Moco Museum

Amsterdam is known for its wide range of museums. A good example is the popular and youthful Moco Museum. But mother nature also has art to offer. This emblematic city has a great diversity of parks and gardens that you can visit after going to the museum Amsterdam. Let’s start with the Begijnhof located in the center of Amsterdam. Originally used as a sanctuary for the Beguines sisterhood, today it is a colorful inner garden courtyard. In this jadin you will find a chapel, the oldest wooden house found in Amsterdam, a 15th century English church, and some beautiful gable stones. Remember that it is a place to relax and disconnect from the noise of the city, so it is mandatory to be quiet once inside. You can access through either of its two entrances: Spui or Gedempte Beginensloot.

Unleash your creativity on the green grass

There is nothing better to unleash your creativity than sitting or lying on green grass. That contact with Mother Nature allows us to open our minds and let our ideas flow. A good park to visit in Amsterdam is the Vondelpark, considered the green heart of Amsterdam. Here you can find playgrounds and a paddling pool for the kids. The older ones can enjoy a coffee while admiring Picasso’s The Bird, one of the art sculptures present in the park, next to a rose garden and beautiful trees. You can also visit the Rijksmuseum Garden located in Museumplein. Enjoy the nature present in this garden. Sit on any of the benches, while appreciating the lovely water fountain.

There is also a place for picnic lovers

If you are one of those who like to picnic in contact with nature, Amsterdam also has special places reserved for you. Let’s talk about the Sarphati Park located in the De Pijp neighborhood of the city close to the Albert Cuyp market. Although it is a small urban park, it is perfect for relaxing, picnicking, playing tennis or exercising. The name of this park honors the doctor and philanthropist Samuel Sarphati (1813-1866). If you are thinking of having a picnic in contact with nature, it is best to do it with organic products, right? The Organic Farmer’s Market offers you the best organic products available in the area. It is located in the picturesque square of the Noorderkerk church in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district. Buy directly from the producers food products such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, fish, meat and much more.