7 Reasons To Choose A Kneeling Chair: Your Spine Will Thank You For It!

Kneeling Chair

Whether working from home or in an office, many of us spend hours a day sitting at our computers, bashing away on a keyboard, clicking away at our mouses, and generally being relentlessly glued to the screen. While this might not be troublesome for most over short periods, for those who sit hour after hour at a desk, it can prove extremely detrimental to their musculoskeletal health.

But what about kneeling chairs; could they be the solution to poor posture and our overall wellbeing? They just might.

What are kneeling chairs?

Having been popularised in the 70s by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, the kneeling chair soon went on to become a popular alternative to traditional office chairs. Presenting a different way to sit, kneeling chairs can help alleviate the aches and pains that trouble so many office workers, every day.

With a seat that’s angled forward to help the pelvis and spine achieve better balance, kneeling chairs enable the hips to be positioned open, and while the knee pads are optional, they help prevent the body from slipping forward. Encouraging the postural muscles to aid the back, shoulders and neck in forming a better alignment, you can buy versions of the chair with a seat that rocks, too.

Now that you know what a kneeling chair is, here are 7 reasons to choose one:

1. They promote better leg circulation

Traditional office chairs leave your legs at a 90-degree angle,, which can impede blood circulation. With your legs angled at 110 degrees while sat in a kneeling chair, better circulation is automatically promoted.

2. They improve your posture

Distributing your weight evenly across your legs and buttocks, kneeling chairs help to improve your posture by forcing your back into a straighter, erecter position. This can reduce the risk of any back discomfort felt when sitting in a traditional office chair.

3. They strengthen your back and abdominal muscles

Your core muscles get a much better workout with a kneeling chair, thanks to the angle of your legs and straightness of your back. With an additional curved bottom, kneeling chairs promote active sitting, which in turn, also helps to strengthen your back and abs.

4. They help you breathe better

Every time you slouch in your traditional office chair, as so many of us do, your diaphragm is compressed, and the longer you remain in that position, the more your breathing is compromised. With a kneeling chair, your better postural position encourages better breathing, and as more oxygen filters through your body, you’ll naturally feel more energised.

5. They minimise hip discomfort

Poor posture from sitting at a traditional office chair will inevitably lead to a certain degree of hip discomfort, but by using a kneeling chair to improve your posture, you can alleviate any discomfort typically felt in the hips.

6. They increase your focus

With a body that doesn’t feel uncomfortable from sitting for hours on end at a desk, and a brain that’s getting more than enough oxygen, through sitting on a kneeling chair, you can enjoy an increased focus.

7. They improve your productivity

With appropriate office furniture, such as a kneeling chair, not only will you be able to focus better on the tasks at hand due to a lack of body discomfort or pain, but you’ll automatically be more productive as a result.

So, if you love your body and want to help it help you be the best that you can be, you’d better invest in a kneeling chair, and fast!