3 Sneaky Signs of Roof Rats


There is nothing more nerve-racking than the presence of rodent invaders, especially roof rats. These clever critters are skilled at finding ways into your home, eating your expensive foods, and even having babies in your home.

Rats have long plagued homeowners, but roof rats are among the more dangerous pest troubles. When was the last time you inspected your home’s roof? Have you been noticing strange behaviors around your home?

There is a good chance that your house may be invaded by rodents. It’s time to go up there and take a look around.

Be wary of any movement or noises you may hear. Those are signs of roof rats that may have relocated themselves in your attic. Read on to learn more about these common pests, what to look for, and how to get rid of roof rats for good!

1. Unusual Noises in the Attic

Sneaky signs of roof rats, such as scratching and thumping, can be audible signs that the pests have moved into your attic. These rodents are often nocturnal. They are most active at night, which makes their presence difficult to detect during the day.

When they are active, they will cause unusual noises, such as scratching and thumping, that may be heard throughout the house. You may also notice roof rat droppings around your attic or areas near pathways or entry points they’ve used to come and go.

The shape of these droppings is like rice and has a greasy feel to them. If you suspect that roof rats have infested your home, it’s important to ask for the help of professional pest exterminators to get rid of them as soon as possible.

2. Chewed Wiring and Holes in Walls

Roof rats are gnawing their teeth, so it is not shocking that their presence can be identified by chewed wires and small holes in sheetrock or other walls. Although these signs may be subtle, the presence of chewed wires or holes should not be taken lightly. The damage that the rats can cause to wiring can result in erratic electric and fire hazards.

You should repair holes in walls because the small openings can provide extra access points for the rodents to enter and exit the home, leading to a much larger infestation. To help you, check the roof repair services found here. Early intervention is key to prevention and controlling roof rat populations.

3. Strange Smells Coming From the Roof

Strange smells coming from the roof can be a sneaky sign of roof rats. Common indicators of their presence are strange smells like urine, feces, and dead animal odors. A musty, pungent smell might also be present, and if so, it is best to identify and exterminate the infestation. The sooner they get removed, the less damage they can do to your home, saving you money in costly repair bills.

Getting Rid Of Your Roof Rats

Rats quickly infest homes and wreak havoc if not dealt with immediately. The first step to protecting your home is to recognize the early signs of roof rats infestation.

If you notice any of the sneaky signs, contact a professional pest control service to help resolve your rat problem. The sooner they’re eliminated, the better for your family and your home safety.

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