All you need to know about Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800

A car is one of the most important things for every family these days. There was a time when it was considered to be a luxury. However, times have now changed and cars have become extremely affordable. One of the best cars for you to buy at any given point of time is the Alto 800. However, it is totally possible that you may not be aware of all the details and features. This is why you must read ahead to know more now. This personal guide will help you to make a wise purchase that you will be able to treasure always.

Some of the most attractive features of the Maruti Alto 800:

The Alto 800 is preferred by the masses for a number of reasons. This is why shall now first begin with the most important thing, that is, the features of the car. These are things that are already present in the car and ensure that each time you ride the car, the drive is indeed a comfortable and luxurious one.

  1. A coin holder.
  2. Front console bottle holder.
  3. Dual trip meter.
  4. Passenger side utility pocket.
  5. Driver side storage space.
  6. Dial type climate control.

How much fuel does the Alto 800 need?

There is the possibility for you to use both petrol as well as CNG. This is why, when you use petrol, the service comes to 24.7km per liter. On the other hand, if you use CNG, it comes to 33.44km per kg. this way, it is one of the most efficient cars that you can get within a very reasonable budget. The total capacity of the fuel tank is 35 liters of petrol.

What about your safety in the car?

Nowadays, one of the major concerns other than the fuel consumption of the car is the safety measures. The city life has definitely seen a rise in the number of accidents and this is why it is highly vital for the car design to be such that it has all safety measures.

  1. Available airbags.
  2. Keyless entry
  3. Presence of fog lamps
  4. Rear door child-lock
  5. Left as well as right hand ORVM

The reviews from other buyers.

Well, coming to the thoughts of those who have already purchased the car and have bene driving it, it is indeed great that all of them are highly satisfied with their purchase and do not have any complains at all. All the specifications work just the way they have been made clear before the deal was finalized. They have not faced any issues with regard to the after-sale service either and this is why Alto 800 is definitely a hit car. It has also been able to earn the reputation of being the King of small cars in the country.

This is all that you have to know about the 5-seater. Being a light-weight car, it is also suited for those who are just beginning to drive.