Facebook Ad Copy Best Practice

Facebook Ad Copy

The numbers don’t lie – Meta (previously known as Facebook Inc.) is one of the most powerful tools to promote products or services, as over 37,000 advertisers in the US decided to place an ad on this social media platform, giving the company $114.93 billion ad revenue. The huge popularity of this source of advertising means your ads need to stand out and draw the attention of potential customers. Read about Facebook ad copy best practice to create an effective and profitable campaign.

Ad copy: why is it important?

Facebook ads have a characteristic layout, and include a few crucial elements, influencing the effectiveness of them, such as headline, an eye-catching image, CTA, and ad copy, which aim is to draw users attention, and make them interested in your offer. After all, advertisers don’t only need customers to see their ad, but it’s most important to click it to enter the marketing funnel.

You may enumerate the following functions of the ad copy in order to make users interested in what you are offering:

  • presenting your brand
  • explaining why your offer is unique
  • pointing to the product special features and its benefits
  • Making your offer more appealing to customers
  • Increasing the likelihood that your customers will remember your brand in order to return to your site.

By using the Facebook Ads reporting tool, you can check whether you have created a successful ad copy, and hope to increase profits and customer loyalty. What you need to know about best practices?

Get straight to the point

When creating a Facebook ad, you usually have to limit yourself up to 125 characters, which means making the right impression on the users you want to attract is challenging, making it necessary to be direct in your message to get straight to the point.

The most important and effective part of ad copy will be the benefits of your product or service your potential customers may expect, presenting your brand and its products as the only and the best solution to their problems.

Create different copies for different audience

A 30-year-old mother of two will not necessarily respond well to an ad which is effective for a young man in their twenties. If your product or offer is proper for different people, and you don’t intend to focus on one specific target group, it means you should definitely create different copies for different audiences.

Generic ad copy is much easier, yet, it won’t bring you as much profits as you would expect. Would you advertise your headphones as the best tool to relax during a video game to a mother-of-two? I bet not many women would find such an ad appealing.

Let your present customers talk

Is there a better way of promoting a product than showing the reviews of it? Your credibility will surely increase when you show new potential users they will be equally satisfied as those who have already decided to trust your offer.

You’re limited by the number of characters, but why not show a video of a satisfied customer while using your product? Ask customers to speak about the product, and to emphasise its benefits.

Be consistent

Adding a CTA button from the list proposed by the Facebook Ads Manager, remember about the aim of your campaign. The CTA button should correlate with the action you want the user to take on the landing page.

Make sure the ad and the landing page have the same branding, and are relevant to the user, with the same conversion goal. If you want customers to sign up and create an account in your online shop, don’t take them to the products category, as they will surely leave the page, being afraid of opening a link with irrelevant content, or to irritated to look for the way to sign up.