Feed Your Old Dog with Grain-Free Canned Dog Food for Good Health

Canned Dog Food

Every dog is unique when it comes to health, and the same holds true for senior dogs as well. When it comes to nutrition, you need to take the counsel and advice of your vet. If you really want your pet to stay in the best of health, you need to apply some fundamental basics when it comes to love, attention, and diet.

Grain-free canned dog food and its health benefits for your senior dog

When it comes to the nutritional needs of older dogs, they need more protein for good muscle health. It is prudent to give them grain free canned dog food as they often have a weaker digestive system and might not be able to digest grains. It is prudent to give the canned dog food over dry dog food as it is easier for them to chew the food. Vets say that when you have a senior dog at home, the amount of food you give him depends upon his age, breed, and current health condition.

The right amount of protein and fiber for your senior dog – how much?

Protein is vital for a senior dog, and even with regular exercise, they lose muscle mass. This indicates a loss in protein reserves in the body. A loss in muscle tissue and protein reserves weakens the immune system of the dog, and this reduces his ability to respond to physical traumas as and when they occur. Stress and infectious agents often weaken the immune system of the dog, and he might not have sufficient amino acids to repair damaged tissues. There is also a loss of energy metabolism, and your senior dog needs a minimum of 25% of calories derived from protein in his food.

Fiber might reduce the ability to digest the other nutrients in the food

When it comes to fiber, some senior dogs need lesser calories so that they are able to lose excess weight. However, very old dogs do not need to lose weight; however, they should have a grain-free diet as the fiber in the food might reduce the absorption of vital nutrients. Some cellulose fibers are fermented poorly, and this often decreases the ability of your dog to digest the rest of the nutrients in the food.

Vets say that fiber does have its benefits for your senior dog like it helps in the alleviation of constipation that is a common issue in old dogs. It helps dogs to regulate their glucose levels and helps in digesting nutrients. When buying grain-free canned dog food for your pet, you should check the food label carefully. In this way, you can check whether any ingredient is harmful to your dog’s health. At the same time, you must ensure that your dog likes the food and eats it. Old senior dogs need love and attention. A good diet is the first step to letting them know you still care, no matter how old they are! For further insights into choosing the best diet for your pet and providing them with the care they deserve, consider visiting animals-photos.net. They offer valuable information to help you ensure a happy and healthy life for your aging pet.