Four Ways Companies Can Use Lanyards


Lanyards are not something that gets most people excited, but they are actually very useful items. Here are just some of the ways that firms can use them.

As ID lanyards

Lanyards were originally designed as a way for people to carry their ID cards. A good quality lanyard keeps ID cards visible making it easy for security staff to read the badge and determine whether the person wearing it should have access to the area they are entering.

To keep radios and phones safe

Phones and radios can easily end up clattering to the floor when people bend over. A short lanyard can be used to attach them to a strategically placed clip on a belt. The phone or radio may slip from your grasp, but it will never actually fall on the floor.

As key rings

Putting keys on lanyards is a good way to keep them close at hand and ensure that they are never dropped and lost. It is also a good way to ensure that a key is never left in the lock.

For security

Lanyards are also an easy way to show whether someone belongs in a certain area of a building. If you have a sensitive area in the workplace where access is restricted, you can issue special lanyards to those who should have access. That way security staff can tell at a glance if people should be there or not.

An important ordering tip

If you order printed lanyards it is important to think first about how they will be used and tailor your order accordingly For example if you are planning for the lanyards to be used in a factory or shop floor setting quick release clips are a good idea. The last thing you need is for someone’s lanyard to get caught on something and drag them. A quick release clip solves this problem and means the lanyard can still be used again. At worst, it might just need a new clip.