How To Choose a Divorce Attorney


Not every marriage is going to work out. Around eighty percent of marriages will end in divorce. If a person is no longer happy with their spouse and is looking to move on, they can file for a divorce. Even in an amicable divorce, a person is going to need the advice of a lawyer. I suggest using the resource if you’re looking for information on divorce and other family law matters. The website aims to deliver general knowledge.

There are some tips to finding a good divorce attorney in Virginia Beach VA to help a person get their fair share when separating.

Talk About the Process

To find a lawyer a person needs to think about the type of divorce they are about to face and find a lawyer that specializes in that type.

A person can enter mediation where an agreement is reached outside of the court. They can also enter litigation where a judge will need to decide for the couple. It is important to have a lawyer with knowledge of the specific area.

Legal Services

Divorce lawyers offer different legal services and many people do not know this. If a person has their assets or if there are complications to the legal situations of the couple they may need the assistance of a big law firm.

If the marriage is short and there are no children or complicated matters a person may not need the firm. They can work with a single lawyer and everything will be handled.


Lawyers of any kind are going to be expensive. If a person has a large salary and they have the marital property that needs to be divided up they may want to hire the big lawyer. If they are on a fixed income and there are no assets they may work well with a smaller lawyer in independent practice.

Ask for References

A person should speak to people they need and get a recommendation. If they know someone that has been recently divorce they can ask about the lawyer. If a person was happy with their services they will pass on the name. If they were not happy with the services they will tell a person that too.

Online Search

Most lawyers have a website that details their services. There are also some terms to be aware of when searching the internet for lawyers. If a lawyer says they will fight for the rights of their clients they often are trial lawyers. If the site states the lawyer wants to stay out of court they may favor mediation. The lawyer that has the biggest ad may not be the best one. If the website is older and has not been updated in many years this can be a sign that they are behind the times.

Ratings are Not Everything

The rating of a lawyer should be viewed with caution. If the lawyer does not advertise or participate in the system they may have a low rating but maybe a good attorney. Lawyers may be prohibited from participating in ranking sites. Even if the lawyer does a great job people that are facing the divorce often complain anyway.

Family Law

Look for a lawyer that is familiar with family law. They work with divorce cases often and it is best to find a lawyer that only works on divorce cases. They will know the field and know the legal system very well.

A divorce can be a trying time and a person must find the right lawyer for their needs. A divorce attorney Virginia Beach VA can help a person with their divorce and help them get a fair settlement. For further information navigate to this website