Jumpstart your SEO game with these tips


As the number of business competitors increases, so do the intricacies to become the best in the market. When you search for any product on a search engine, you’d observe numerous search results. Every business wants to get on the first page of search results.

In order to get the results they want, every marketing team follows the rules laid by search engines. And SEO becomes one such crucial step to follow. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. By modifying little things to the website and content, you can reach the top of the search results page.

Here are some tips to get a headstart in the game,

Know your weakness

You’d know what is working well with your website, but have a look at the pages that aren’t getting much attention. In-depth analysis allows you to improve the page for better engagement. Observe that a top-ranking website always delivers content that engages the audience.

Brainstorm ideas while keeping trending topics in the loop. Ensure you have high backlinks and improve organic traffic. Gather attention by sharing it on social media as much as possible. The content should be easy, fun and engaging to the reader. One simple trick is to follow from the reader’s point of view and then mind map accordingly.

The interaction

By using trending keywords, you will stay current with the times.

The audience will be interested to learn more about your content as they find it relatable. Another way to engage the audience is through sharing on social media. If you observe, there are no big brands that haven’t made their social media presence.

This interaction doesn’t necessarily improve your SEO ranking but it drives traffic to your website! Now, that is one of the factors that matter for SEO search. Another way to connect to your customer is through email marketing. It is pocket-friendly and highly effective.

Protip: Find your potential’s contacts using email search engines such as GetEmail.io. This AI-powered software can detect and verify any number of emails within seconds! GetEmail.io comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account where you’re querying about “how to find email address” is answered!

The backlink story

When people talk about SEO, we also hear backlinks, dofollow, nofollow, etc. These words might add too much confusion to your regular vocabulary. But, once you understand how these work – half of the work becomes easy. When you ask other publishers to publish your content or share the content on social media, the link you offer to drive the audience to your website becomes a backlink.

That means all the content generation and sharing is to route the audience back to your link (website). As the backlink improves, the search engine finds you to be popular and thus genuine. It will later push your content to the top of the results page. However, be mindful of not using blackhat tricks because once the page gets into the bad books of the search engine – there is no easy way back.

Final thoughts

So here are some tips that you can use to jumpstart your SEO game. Always remember to use authentic and relatable content to get the search engine’s attention! If you’re looking for more information about Melbourne digital marketing agencies visit Engineroom.