Play These Online Games to Make Extra Cash 2022

Online Games

Are you someone who has free time to spare and would like to earn some extra income on the side? Do you enjoy gaming as a pastime? Chances are that you’ve answered yes to both of these questions. And if so, you are in luck because this article is about to open doors for you that you didn’t know existed!

Gone are the days of struggling to pay for your day-to-day expenses. So sit back, relax, get in your gamer mode and continue reading to find out how you can make real money by simply playing games on your phone in the comfort of your home!

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ll list some of the most entertaining games that can earn you money in this article. Let’s begin!

1. Exodus3000

Are you into Role Playing Games that are full of constant action and fun? Or do you prefer multiplayer games with tens or hundreds of players engaging all at once?

Regardless, even if your answer is no, you are about to become a new fanatic of this endless fun genre of gaming.

Enter Exodus3000, which is among the most well-liked online RPG strategy games. You are sucked into a time period that is around 1,000 years in the future. The Earth is no longer a world where life can exist sustainably, according to the game’s plot.

Each and every inhabitant has the responsibility of exploring their home base in search of minerals and “Mars Dollars,” which is the game’s currency and the main “prize” every player is after. We will touch more on that in a bit.

Mars Dollars can be obtained mainly through three ways: by exploring ruins, mining volcanoes, and fighting other players.

When you have collected enough of these precious minerals, you can exchange them for actual cash. This online game is simple and plenty of fun, but the key feature is how straightforward it is to play and earn prizes.

Now the most exciting part is that all new players receive 5,000 free Mars Dollars as a welcome gift after becoming a member. You can use these rewards to buy in-game content, which will help you in your journey through the game.

2. Second Life

You might have heard of the whole buzz going around the Metaverse and how virtual reality is the next big thing. And if this sort of technology excites you, then you will definitely get a kick out of this next game on the list.

Second life is among the most popular virtual reality online game sites that pay you in real money. They operate differently because you have to design your own universe here after creating an account. You can then select the character of your choice.

In order to simulate the game on your computer, you must make sure the software you download supports 3D browsing. You must establish an economy in the game to generate the Linden dollars, which are the game’s currencies. After that, you can trade these Linden dollars for actual real-life money.

3. InboxDollars

Another app on this list of platforms that will pay you to play games is InboxDollars. With so many games to select from, including Mahjong, Candy Jam, and Monkey Bubble Shooter, you’ll be overwhelmed with excitement. They also provide a tonne of alternatives because of their partnership with GSN Casino!

Numerous word games, arcade games, puzzle games, card games, strategy games, as well as Casino games, and more are available for you to select from.

Whatever it is, they have it. On top of that, for a good, substantial reward boost, you can watch videos, read emails, and do short surveys to increase your gaming money. Go ahead and get yourself signed up now and get a $5 bonus!


As the name suggests, this is a platform that lets users stop by, play some games or complete short and quick activities, and simply cash out whenever they want. It also allows players to earn money by watching videos, completing surveys, etc. And as far as the games are concerned, there is a huge variety to choose from including classics such as crossword puzzles, Mahjong, trivia games, and what have you. Simply find your favorites and start making money.

The fact that QuickRewards doesn’t have a minimum payment requirement is a big advantage. So you’re allowed to cash out as soon as you start earning!

5. H.Q.

This next game app is one for trivia experts. If you think you or someone you know yours their trivia, and the idea of making a few bucks using that knowledge sounds exciting, then it’s time to try your hand at this incredibly lucrative game.

You should play this fast-paced game to get fantastic awards and prizes. It is a very popular game that offers winners real cash payouts.

They hold daily trivia competitions, puzzle games, and contests. If you place in the top three weekly earnings, you will also receive some extra goodies. On weekdays, they broadcast a second show at 3 pm. EST in addition to their live game show that starts at 9 pm.

You have to successfully answer 12 questions in order to win the big prize, and when more than one person wins, the reward money is divided among them.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes, then head on over to their website and start cashing out your trivia skills! Both the iTunes App Store and Google Play have this app accessible.


Online gaming earning is unquestionably a win-win scenario. The games mentioned above will not only keep you entertained but also enable you to make good money. So stop wasting time on unpaid games and start making money from your hobby!

Pro tip

Some of these apps that pay you real money let you earn cash not just by playing games but also by performing other activities. Use this to your advantage to boost your income!

By completing surveys, suggesting a buddy, and watching videos on your lunch break, you will discover that it’s simpler and faster to increase your income!