Sterling Silver Earrings Always Get You Noticed


If you love jewelry, you cannot help but love pieces made of sterling silver. This is especially true if you adore earrings. Earrings can be worn by just about any woman regardless of her hairstyle or age. For example, if you have short hair, you can balance out your look with even longer earrings. You just have to be wearing the right fashion.

Draw Instant Notice

You can draw instant appeal to a crisp white shirt and jeans or a casual longer-styled dress by wearing silver earrings wholesale accessories. If you have access to this type of jewelry online, so much the better. You will find that you can wear silver and gold together – as long as it is fine jewelry. This look may look mismatched and tacky, for example, if you wear silver-plated or gold-plated accessories. The idea is to add a “rich” look to your appearance – one that can be done when choosing sterling silver.

The Right Choice in Jewelry

Regardless of the type of jewelry you wear, you simply cannot go wrong with sterling silver. Not only is the metal versatile, it provides a striking look. Moreover, it does not have to be expensive, particularly if you buy it from a wholesale site.

Develop Your Own Personal Collection

With so many pieces from which to select, you can easily develop your own personal collection. To wear silver like an expert fashionista, you need to select quality pieces. That does not mean you need to shop for silver at high-end stores or wear the most expensive bracelet or necklace. You just need to know the nature of silver and where to find good deals online.

Other Places You Can Buy Silver Jewelry

Besides a wholesale pricing retailer, you can seek out jewelry at antique shops or estate sales. If you choose silver, you will like the fact that you can layer it. Just like clothing, this can be done with jewelry. Stack silver rings or layer bangles with thin and chunky pieces in the mix.

However, with that being said, you may wear too much silver or go overboard. It is easy to do. Carefully select the pieces you wear so they can easily stand out. For instance, if you wear a sterling silver statement necklace, let that be your centerpiece. You don’t want to wear it with dangling earrings, a glitzy belt, or rhinestone jewelry. Instead, keep any other jewelry simple.

Know How to Wear What You Buy

If you don’t want to take away from the glamour of a look, you need to know how to wear jewelry. Less can be more, especially where silver is concerned. When it comes to wearing silver earrings, find designs that nicely frame the face.

Maybe you have long hair. If so, choose earrings that can be nicely contrasted with your hair’s color. This can happen when you choose sterling silver. By choosing this metal, your jewelry will stand out. Just make sure you don’t choose oversized hoops, as they can be distracting. Any multiple piercings should show earrings of similar styles. Adding a row of graduated hoops is safe for multiple piercings.