Tips for A Successful Retailer Exhibition or Trade Show


Featuring your business in a trade show can help you make tremendous progress.

A retailer exhibition provides ample opportunity for businesses, both big and small, to get their products and services into the paths of their target audience.

Having a stall at a trade show is a marketing strategy that your company can use to get new clients. Therefore, it is imperative to take the utmost advantage of this substantial investment and ensure that your company makes as much impact as possible.

The following tips can guide you on the path to getting positive results at a trade show or retailer exhibition;

Start planning early

A trade show is an event that requires a lot of planning, research and evaluation.

Whether you have an already established company or you own a start-up, you need to outline your goals for getting involved in an exhibition; this could be increased brand engagement or sales.

Bring your team together and ensure that they are adequately equipped with the tools to achieve these goals.

Envision your trade stand

A trade stand that incorporates uniqueness and creativity will grant you an edge over your competitors.

Therefore, try to come up with new ideas for how you want your exhibition display stand to look, how inviting and interactive you want it to be and the amount of visibility you want your products to get.

If you are planning to reuse a previous layout, ensure to make some changes or new additions to give your space a fresh look.

Get to the venue early

Reaching the site a few hours before the exhibition starts will allow you to get prime space and also get familiar with the layout.

Also, your team would have enough time to set up your stand, set out products and merchandise and even have a brief meeting to brush up on tactics before the event begins.

Make your brand conspicuous

At a trade show, there may be other companies offering services and products similar to yours. It would be best, therefore, to place your brand information on as much space as you can to distinguish your company from the rest.

Your stand, table, products, interactive signs and brochures should all contain your logo and brand name. If possible, make signage that takes up some space and has your company name highlighted.

Make provisions for gifts and giveaways

People are attracted to free things, especially edible items. You can hand out branded pens, wristbands, or free product trials. You can also set up a game, raffle draw or some friendly competition with a valuable cash price.

Interested people can enter these contests by providing their contact information or business cards. By using this method, you will get more people interested in your company while also getting leads and contacts from potential customers.

Maintain an inviting and positive attitude

You have succeeded in getting people to visit your stand and check out your product. It is now time to draw them in and make them aware of the benefits that your business provides.

You should have a short but packed speech that you can deliver to anyone who stops at your stand. Coach your team to greet people with a smile and engage them with a positive attitude.

Try not to let people wander around your stand unattended; set up informational materials like presentations, brochures and portfolios to keep them occupied.

Carry out follow-up

It is essential to contact leads a few days after the show when they can still recall your company and what you offer. Failure to do so or waiting a long time before you contact them might reduce the positive results that your exhibition strategy will generate.

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