What to Consider When Filing for Divorce

Filing for Divorce

No one imagines themselves getting a divorce, but it is a truth that happens to many married couples. Whether it is amicable or messy, divorce is always a tricky and emotional subject, so it’s best to know what to expect before jumping in and find a best lawyer for divorce. To learn more about divorce and divorce lawyer, go to the website https://attorneyatlawkenya.com/.

Whether it is Mutual 

A divorce agreed upon by both parties is simpler than one where a person disagrees. If you want to get a divorce and your partner is against it, you can apply for a decree nisi. If you are on speaking terms with your partner and no danger is posed, you could try reasoning with them before going down this route. After all, emotions run high at first, but time to think provides clarity.

Children Involved 

The best-case scenario is both parties agree on where the child lives primarily, how often the child will spend with each partner, and how the child will be supported financially. The crucial thing to remember is that your decisions impact your child, so you want to come up with the best decision possible.

If you cannot agree, then that’s when you should seek outside advice, and if that doesn’t help, you can contact your local solicitors and take the matter to court.

Where You Will Live 

You must decide who will be moving out when getting a divorce. You don’t have to do this straight away, especially if the divorce is amicable, but you should consider it early on. If it is you who is moving out, then make sure you get your finances in order so you can afford a new place.

Your Finances 

You might be confused about what will happen to your finances after a divorce, especially if you share assets. Again, this part is much easier if you agree on how to split your property and finances, but if not, then you will need to seek help from a mediator or court.

Once you apply for a consent order, then the financial decisions are legally binding.

Your Will 

If you have a written will, you may want to change it once you divorce your partner. For example, if your will states that you will leave the majority of your assets to your partner, then decide if you want to alter it.

Your Emergency Contact

Many people put their partner as their emergency contact, but you might want to change this if you are divorced, especially if the divorce was messy. Of course, you don’t have to do this if your partner is still a friend.

Family Mediation 

If there are any disagreements when it comes to divorce, you should consider family mediation before going straight to court. It’ll prove less stressful, and you might come to a better agreement this way.


Even if you think you are fine, therapy could help you get through the emotional implications of the divorce. Losing someone in this way is always tricky, and therapy helps to work through your thoughts and emotions, giving you clarity in the end.

By knowing what to consider before heading in, you will be better prepared, making the process much easier on both parties.