What Type of Drink Would You Like?

hotel with rooftop bar

When you visit the on-trend part of Bangkok, or the Nana section, you will want to visit a rooftop bar. You can make this happen if you book a hotel with this particular amenity. It is always fun to party in this type of environment, especially if you are a young professional and checking out the Nana Bangkok area.

Sample Your Favorite Drink(s)

By booking a hotel with rooftop bar Nana accommodation, you can sample your favorite drinks. You will want to find what classic drinks are featured as this is the time to really enjoy the Bangkok nightlife. Nana Bangkok is just the part of town that you want to visit when you are traveling in the buzzing metropolis.

Speaking of buzzing, you will find a number of drinks that you just must try when you are out at night checking out the sights and sounds of Nana Bangkok. Again, you will want to savor them in a rooftop bar that will allow you to get a great view of the capital.

If your bartender has not heard of the drink that you want to enjoy, make sure that you can give him or her the recipe. That way, you can try out or sample different drinks to see which one you want to focus on for the evening.

Review Some Drink Recipes Online First

It is always fun to test out drinks that you have not tried before when you are staying in another place. Before you visit the Nana Bangkok bar, look online and review some of the popular traditional cocktails. That way, if the bartender is not familiar with the drink because of the culture, you can help him or her make it.

Check Out the Favorite Drinks of Locals

You can also ask about the drinks that are favorite of Nana Bangkok locals. This is a good way to get introduced to the Thai culture and what the young people like to drink in this part of town. For instance, it is a pretty good bet that you will not see drinks such as the Old Fashioned. This drink features some bourbon whiskey, a couple dashes of Angostura bitters, a sugar cube, and orange twist for a garnish.

How About a Margarita?

If the bartender is not familiar with this drink, again, provide him or her with the recipe. You can find this drink online in various mixes. The one that is given is just one example of how you can make this libation. You might also ask about a margarita.

If you want to enjoy a sweeter drink, ask to have an ounce of Cointreau added along with lime juice and two ounces of silver tequila. Naturally, you will want salt added to the rim. While it may feel as if you are partying in Mexico for a minute, you will soon discover that this drink is a treat in Nana Bangkok too.

Make Your Plans Today

You can get the best of service by visiting a rooftop bar in Nana Bangkok. Make your plans today and don’t forget the drink recipes.