Where can get the Nose Reshaping Surgery?


Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty is done to change the shape of the nose to achieve the desired look and improve functionality.

Nose job is done for both cosmetic as well as medical reasons such as to correct breathing problems or correct disfigurement of nose due to birth defects or injury.

Your appearance can be significantly enhanced by a nose job surgery.

It’s best to setup an appointment from a popular surgeon who is well qualified and experienced in performing these operations.

You should talk about your goals and tell him what problems you are facing and how you think your nose current shape is causing you problems and what are your goals and how you think of changing it’s shape.

A Nose Reshaping surgery can enhance your facial features and give emphasis on your natural beauty. Don’t look for perfection, although look for a nose reshaping surgery which complements your unique facial features and enhance your appearance.

A physical examination of your nose structure from outside and inside will be conducted to evaluate the thickness of your bones, skin and cartilage and shape of your septum. After the examination the surgeon will be able to let you know what could be done closest to your goals and expectations.

Your overall health and current medical conditions will be also considered. It’s best to be honest about any physiological or psychological problems you are facing or suffering from any disease for which you are undergoing any medications.

Be open about your lifestyle, smoking and drinking habits or any drugs you are currently taking.

If there are any breathing problems or discomfort you are facing with your nose like pain, swelling, breeding or irritation you should disclose them all to your surgeon.

Based on this information the surgeon would be able to evaluate and recommend you a treatment with risks, recovery time and cost.

Usually overnight stay is not required post surgery, you will sleep through the operation as you would be given anesthesia. The surgeon will make incisions inside your nose and do reshaping of cartilage, skin or bones depending on the requirement.

Post surgery you will be expected to wear nasal splints for up to a week. You can expect swelling, bruises around your nose and eyes, mild itching and discomfort in breathing for a couple of weeks.

A Little swelling will remain upto 6 months which is noticeable by you only and the final shape of nose will be revealed once it’s complete healed.

Post Nose Reshaping surgery you should avoid any strenuous activity for 6 weeks and also refrain from eating food that may cause constipation. Avoid smiling or laughing and refrain from social activities that may put unnecessary strain on your facial muscles for 2-3 weeks. If you want to know where you can receive nose reshaping surgery, click here https://www.egmedicine.com/ and go to this website.

Once you are fully healed it would be hard to recognize that you had undergone any nose job surgery and all the signs will be vanished.

You should make sure to follow all the pre and post surgery instructions by surgeon carefully to get best results and avoid post surgery complications like bleeding, rashes, scarring, infection, fever or any permanent visual damage.