6 Tips to Ensure You Get Your Bond back on a Sydney Rental

Ensure You Get Your Bond back on a Sydney Rental

When you rent a home in Sydney, the landlord usually requires you to pay a bond up front. This is the security deposit that you are supposed to get back after you move out of the home.

However, there are specific terms and conditions associated with qualifying for a bond refund. If you violate any of these terms and conditions in your lease, then you may only get a partial refund or no refund at all.

So many tenants end up in this situation. They either misunderstand the terms of the lease agreement or do not read them thoroughly.

The bond is vital to get back because it can be used as a bond for another rental.

Do everything you can to ensure that you’ll get your bond back.

Below are six tips to help you do this.

Read the Terms Carefully Before Signing the Lease

Tenants naturally assume that they will get their bond refunded back to them as long as they do not damage the rented property.

Do not assume anything about the terms of a bond. Read the terms over carefully before you sign the lease, so you know precisely your bond conditions.

For instance, a landlord may specify that you must clean the walls and windows before you leave. You may also have to report any cracks or minor discrepancies that formed during your stay there.

If you fail to do any of this, then the landlord may keep your deposit. So, make sure you understand everything that is required of you as a tenant.

Clean the House

You must clean the house before you leave. If you leave it dusty and dirty, then your landlord might hold that against you. Then you will not get your bond back.

To ensure the house is cleaned thoroughly and properly, hire a Sydney house cleaning service to remove the debris and grime particles from every inch of the house.

A commercial cleaner will get your windows sparkly and your wooden floors shiny.

If you have a pet, then hire a carpet cleaner to remove stains and pet dander from the carpeting and other floorings.

Hire a Trustworthy Removalist

If you are moving out of Sydney to Newcastle or elsewhere, be sure you have a local removalist in mind to remove your belongings and transport them to your new home.

Do not leave any possessions behind, even if you do not want them anymore. Landlords will penalize you if they are forced to remove your belongings for you.

They expect you to leave their property as empty as it was when you first moved in. That means you must take everything with you that you initially brought.

Pay All Outstanding Bills

Do not leave a property with unpaid utility bills and rent. You might think you are escaping those financial obligations because you are no longer living in the property anymore.

But your landlord is undoubtedly going to hold it against you by not refunding your bond.

Catch up on your rent payments to satisfy the monthly obligations of your lease. As for the utility bills, pay all your outstanding invoices and notify the utility companies that you are moving.

That way, they do not keep billing you after you have gone.

Return the Keys

Do not just pick up and leave while the keys to the property are still on your keyring. Give the keys back to the landlord before you leave for good.

If you lose the keys to the property, then hire a locksmith to have another key made up before you leave. Otherwise, the landlord will sacrifice your bond if they do not get the key back.

Give the Landlord Advanced Notice

Give your landlord advanced notice of your planned departure. Even if you do not intend on renewing your lease, let them know that ahead of time.

Your contract should state how much of an advanced notice you’re supposed to give them. If you try to break your lease early, then you are expected to pay a break fee as outlined in the leasing contract.

It would be best if you did this to get your bond back.

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