How to Prevent Your Infant from Overheating in Summer

Prevent Your Infant from Overheating in Summer

Scorching weather is not favourable to babies as it increases their chances of getting heatstroke, dehydration and sunburn. It is your responsibility as a parent to prevent your child from overheating and prevent other heat-related issues during summer.

There are certain things you can do to effectively keep your baby Smile Makeover and healthy regardless of the summer heat. These tips include:

Protective shade

When going outside with your baby, you must ensure that they are not directly exposed to the sun. Make sure that the baby’s pushchair has a protective shade. For toddlers and older children, ensure that they wear a protective hat.

When choosing a baby capsule during summer, go for one with a large canopy. A large canopy will provide extra protection to your baby’s delicate skin.

If the canopy is not large enough, make sure that you look for a canopy extender. This is to ensure that your baby is covered from head to toe.

When outside, do not cover your baby’s stroller with a blanket trying to protect them from the sun. The coverage will expose your baby to risks such as suffocation or overheating due to the poor circulation of air.

Keep them hydrated

Your child might not be sweating during the hot weather, but they are losing fluids to perspiration. Your child could possibly be dehydrated if they are having rapid breathing, a flushed face or seem restless.

Children below six months of age should not be fed water. Instead, make sure that you feed them extra formula. Your baby should have more fluids during summer as compared to other seasons.

Keep babies out of the sun

Babies who are not yet six months old do not have enough melanin to withstand direct sunlight. Therefore, avoid exposing your baby in direct sunlight as it could give them severe sunburns.

Appropriate clothes

During summer, ensure that your children are dressed in the right garments regardless of them being indoors. Dress your child in loose-fitting and lightweight cotton clothes.

Clothes made of natural fibre such as cotton are the best for hot weather. This is because they absorb perspiration better than other fabrics.

When going outside, make sure that they are dressed in long but light pants. Also, the shirt should be long-sleeved. This is to minimise exposure to direct sun rays, which can cause sunburns.

Planning your day time activities

In summer, the heat is at its peak, mostly from ten o’clock to four o’clock. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid going outside with your child during those hours. In very hot conditions, air conditioning in main living areas can be a life-saver.

Infants are less able to sweat. If you have to go outside with them, make sure you do it during the hours that the sun is less scorching and activities are taking place in the shade.

Make use of sunscreen

While going outside with your baby, make sure that you apply them a sunscreen with a sun protective factor of more than 30 for maximum protection.

A good sunscreen for your baby’s skin is one that offers protection against both UVA and UVB sun rays.

Make sure that you go for sunscreen products meant for babies and children. Such products are specially made for children and therefore do not contain additives that would affect their delicate skin.

Night-time wear

When dressing your children for bed, make sure that you dress them in the least amount of clothes possible. If the weather is sweltering, you can let your baby sleep in just a nappy and a light vest. Do not use heavy blankets to cover them, but a light sheet.

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