Handy Shares the Ultimate Guide to Investing in Precious Metals



If you believe in financial planning which calls for a short and long-term investment, you probably have already invested in stocks, shares, and commodities of great value. It is time to invest in precious metals that are known to withstand economic uncertainty. The popularity of precious metals is ever-increasing and can be treasured for centuries as a symbol of wealth. But it is quite difficult to ascertain which metal is the most suitable as an investment. In this article, Handy gives you a basic overview of investing in precious metals to help you decide better.

The Details

  1. Benefits of funding in metals – You may be questioning why it is good to invest in metals when a proper paper cash system is in place. Well, history is replete with instances where paper money has collapsed in view of war, threat to life, or demonetization in an effort to save the economy. Even other investment options like real estate, goods, or bonds may falter as they depend on prevalent economic conditions. While you cannot foresee all this, the best bet is to invest in metals like gold and silver which have remained universally valuable commodities. As you cannot create more metals in times of crisis, having precious metals offer defence against inflation.

  1. Define your goal – Before you start investing in precious metals, you should be clear about the purpose behind it. It is easier to invest in things when you know whether your investment is short-term or long-term. Even though investing in metals is a great option, never make it a major investment. A healthy funds based on market volatility gives you a better return.

  1. Exchange-traded funds – This is a type of investment security that is bought and sold on exchanges. In simpler terms, it means that you can interest as others keep buying the metals. When the commodity is tracked you can get an exchange trade funds for metals like gold, silver, or platinum are liquid means of buying metals.

  1. Stocks in metals – Much like the other stocks, this is an investment in companies that mine metals rather than the metal itself. This is a volatile investment as it depends on the economic situation. It may be considered one of the indirect ways of investing in the market.

  1. The physical metal – One of the easiest ways to invest in the metal is to buy the metal itself. You can buy them either in the form of coins, bars, or jewelry. You only need a safe method of storage to become the owner of a valuable tangible asset for increasing your wealth in the future. It is recommended for people who believe in passing down the family’s legacy to the generations.

  1. Metal IRA – Without having the metal in your hand, you receive the benefit in the form of some interest. In this method, you keep the precious metal in the bank’s vault under its care. In return, the bank pays you benefits.


According to Handy, you should research carefully before investing your money in any kind of opportunity, precious metals, stocks, bonds, etc. Never give in to greed and invest more than you can afford to lose in case of a disaster.