How to Get More Video Views on Facebook

How to Get More Video Views on Facebook

Usually, a user needs to increase the quantity for marketing purposes. If you want a certain video to be popular you should apply some rules and use methods that will quicken the promotion process. Today this social media platform has more than 2 billion active accounts, a fact that creates huge opportunities for marketing and sales.

What do you need to know before you upload a video on Facebook?

At first, you should choose landscape, square, or portrait video format. After you did that, consider following those tips:

  1. Consistency. If you post videos regularly, the Facebook algorithm «recognizes» it and a video gets promoted to have more views. It is added to the general feed which will surely bring more potential customers. Apart from regular uploads, your vids should have content of a similar theme so the followers won’t be confused.
  2. Define the best video type. In marketing, different promotion strategies are applied according to the content type. A video can be educational, inspirational, entertaining, animated, or aimed to sell goods or services.
  3. Resolution. Film at least in 1080p – this is a modern standard for any video content that is made to sell or promote. When it comes to getting more views, having at least a decent resolution is important. Use H.264 and AAC codec for the audio. Sadly Facebook supports vids up to 1080p quality. But things may soon change.
  4. The video should look good even without sound. For some accounts sound is off by default. The Facebook feed is full of video content and sometimes unprofessional uploaders post content with too high volume or adds frankly annoying music. Use subtitles or create a picture that would be informative without audio.
  5. Thumbnail. People click on a video with a decent picture that has been chosen and a thumbnail. If you do not add a front picture, a platform will choose a random frame which in most cases is pleasant at all. Consider a graphic designer so he can draw a thumbnail for your content.
  6. Add text. Describe the main topics which would be disclosed in a video. Never clickbait or you will lose all followers in an instant. Write about the advantages of the product but don’t make the description too long or too short.
  7. Square format. This format used to be popular in 2019 because it is bigger and watchers will tend to watch such videos.
  8. Title as a frame. This feature lets people know what this video is about. No one will click on unidentified content as long as it has an informative thumbnail.
  9. Call to action. If you are selling products or services just call to buy them at the end of the video. This is a simple method some marketing managers refuse to exploit.
  10. Buy views on Facebook. If your account is fresh you will need some boosting. Create an artificial interest before gaining real followers. You can do it here.

We hope that those tips will help you to get more views and subscribers so you can promote products and raise your income.