How To Write A Resume When Changing Fields?

Write A Resume

At a time of economic instability, job cuts have become an everyday occurrence. What to do if a layoff looms on the horizon and it is difficult to find a familiar job? One solution is to change your career.

It is worth saying that the need to change careers was among people even in quiet times. Those who have already decided, on the way to change, there is a difficulty: how to find the first job in the new profession and interest employers?

Who is dreaming of a career change

Nowadays, a career change at a mature age is not uncommon. The reasons may be different: the desire to go into the field of higher earnings, burnout, a change of interests, the realization of childhood dreams, changes in marital status and, as a consequence, new desires for work.

How much is my work worth: what salary to specify in the resume?

Quite often “burn out” specialists from the field of sales and after several years of intensive work dream of a less “aggressive” job. Many representatives of the restaurant business also want to change the field of work, at first it is associated with fun and independence, but after a while people want a more relaxed, fixed five-day schedule and free weekends.

Difficulties of finding a job

A person who is changing careers at a mature age needs to be prepared for difficulties in the beginning. It is as if he finds himself again in the position of a graduate with no experience who is looking for his first job. This means that he will have to try very hard to interest potential employers. Recruiters look first at candidates with relevant experience in the right field and only if there are no suitable ones, move on to studying the resumes of less qualified applicants. But there is good news.

In addition to the core experience, employers are increasingly giving importance to flexible skills (soft skills), and here people with experience in other businesses and institutions can be very useful with their fresh perspective on things, as well as earn extra points through the willingness to learn new things and accept the “rules of the game” company.

The second point – the labor market is still scarce, and many businesses feel the lack of personnel, and therefore are ready to consider candidates without experience, but with good potential and to train them on the spot.

And what you should be morally prepared for is that the first time you will have to go down a lot in salary compared to the usual earnings in the field where you are a specialist with experience.

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