Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet?

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet

Why do dogs lick your feet? there are many theories about it, but no one knows for sure. It could be a way of showing submission or respect, an attempt to gain attention or affection, a sign of anxiety or insecurity, or simply a manifestation of their instinct to groom their pack-mates. However it is interpreted, most people agree that finding pleasure in our dog’s attention is warranted!

5 Reasons Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet

Dogs are our best friends and companions. They provide us with unconditional love, affection, and friendly company. However, certain dog habits can be perplexing, like why do dogs lick their human? Dogs often lick their owner’s feet for many reasons. We are providing you 5 most reasons why dogs lick your feet.


Dogs are known for being attention-seeking. And the best way to get your owner’s attention is to lick them. There are several reasons why dogs lick your feet, but the most common one is that he wants to get your attention and show you how much you mean to them.

In dog training, attention-seeking behavior is known as “object fixation”. This behavior is quite common in puppies. It becomes ingrained in their psyche during socialization that when they lick you, they get attention. 

All dogs want to be noticed and receive attention, but there are ways that you can correct certain attention-seeking behaviors. Luckily, dogs are very susceptible to positive training and learning. 

Want Something

Another reason Why Dogs Lick your Feet can be they want something to eat. Dogs will lick our feet because they want something to eat. We all know humans have done many ‘crazy’ things for food. It’s an animal instinct that applies to dogs too, just in a different way. And since your dog knolls your feet, he/she may want something gooey, like peanut butter a kiss, or a taste of a turkey buffet? So, In this situation, you need to feed your dog.

Skin Irritation

Some people believe that dogs lick your feet because they are trying to get rid of skin irritation. An alternative thought is that dogs lick your feet as an act of affection. Whatever the reason, it is important to know how to get rid of dog foot licking so you can protect your feet from being damaged by the dog’s saliva and cure dog paw licking and dog nail-biting if your dogs have these problems.

Something good on your feet

If dogs lick your feet, it is usually a sign that you have something good on your feet – like a tasty meal or the remnants of last night’s dinner. Dogs who lick their feet often will also lick the ground and other dogs to get access to food, so that could be why he licks his paws.

Domesticated dogs tend to develop habits to get owners to do what they want, like offering food, petting, or belly rubs when they want it. If he is licking more than one particular person’s feet, he might be trying to exert some control over his human friends. If you want to Stop Your Dog from Licking Your Feet, then read the topic How to Stop Your Dog from Licking? 


It is also the reason that Dogs lick your feet because they want to give us information. By licking our feet, dogs can taste and smell the sweat on them, giving them important clues about our moods, emotions, and overall health. Dogs may also use this behavior to show their affection for us! 

In addition to licking our hands and feet (and other less savory places), dogs will sometimes lick inanimate objects such as walls, furniture, and (weirdly) even dirt.


There are innumerable ways through which a dog expresses his love for you. Maybe you didn’t know that one of the most common ways of showing affection is through licking? If you have been around dogs for some time, you would have noticed that puppy dogs lick your feet, hands, face, and any part of the body that they can reach. They do it to show affection and also to clean themselves. When your dog licks your feet, he might simply be trying to clean them or he may be doing it out of affection.