But Why Is Wagyu So Expensive?


If you are a foody just like me! then you definitely hear about wagyu beef! but if you belong to the middle class then it’s way more expensive than you think! When most people think of beef, they imagine the scenario where a farmer wakes up early each morning to go out into his field and check on his cows. After noticing that one is limping, he brings her in for some medicinal treatment before sending her back outside with the rest of the herd. This type of conventional farming is how meat has been produced for centuries, but there’s a new way of raising cattle that are taking the world by storm – Wagyu beef. 

It refers to any breed or crossbreed of Asian cattle, most notably Japanese Black and Red Angus. The name “wagyu” translates to mean “Japanese cow” so it should come as no surprise that this unique form of beef production originated in Japan. What makes it so special? In short, everything! Unlike typical conventionally-farmed beef which tends to be tough and grainy, its meats are incredibly marbled with high levels of fat content (upwards of 50%). As such, they are extremely tender when cooked properly and have an intense mouth-watering flavor that can only be described as divine. 

Why do people like it so much?

There are many reasons that people love it. Some say it’s because of the intense marbling, which creates an ultra-tender and juicy texture, unlike any other beef. Others appreciate how it is intensely flavorful, with a delicate but pronounced richness that cannot be matched by other breeds. 

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Many people consider it to be the best-quality beef in the world, due to its unique properties and exceptional taste. In Japan—where it originated—the meat is considered a national treasure and can fetch incredibly high prices at auction houses. Even here in the United States, demand for this luxurious protein has risen dramatically over recent years as more and more diners discover its unparalleled flavor profile and tenderness.

Where you can get It?

Wagyu is a type of beef that originates from Japan. It is known for its intense marbling and buttery flavor. The most prized cuts of this beef are ribeye, tenderloin, and strip loin. There are many places where you can purchase it in the United States; however, the price may be prohibitive for some people. 

There are several ways to find restaurants or butcher shops that sell it near you. You can use an online restaurant directory such as Yelp or Google Maps to find establishments that serve it in your area. Another option is to do a search on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter using keywords like “Wagyu beef” or “#wagyubeef.” Finally, you could also check with local premium grocery stores like Whole Foods Market® or Dean & Deluca® which often carry this kind of meat. 

Olive Wagyu is the rarest steak

When you hear the words “wagyu beef”, what comes to mind? For most people, they would say Kobe beef. And while Kobe is certainly a delicious type of wagyu beef, it’s not the only one out there. In fact, depending on where you live in the world, different types of Wagyu cattle can be found. 

Some examples include Australian Wagyu (aka Full blood Wagyu), American Wagyu (aka Certified Angus Beef®), and Japanese Black (or Kuroge) Wagyu. Each has its own unique flavor profile and characteristics that set them apart from the other. But of all the different types of wagyu available today, Olive Wagyu is considered by many to be the rarest – and most prized – steaks around. 

So why is Olive Wagyu special? First off, these cows are a 100% pure breed descended from Japan’s national treasure – Tajima-wagyu cattle. Secondly, due to their rarity, demand for Olive Wagyu often exceeds supply which means they typically come with a hefty price tag. 

How is it served? 

It is often served in small portions as a steak. It can also be used in other dishes, such as sushi or sukiyaki. This type of beef tends to be more expensive than other types of beef, so it is usually reserved for special occasions.


There are a few reasons why this type of beef is more expensive than other types of beef. Wagyu cattle are bred to have low marbling, meaning that the meat has less fat running through it. This results in a much higher quality cut of meat since the fat doesn’t taste as greasy or heavy as it does in other breeds of cattle. In addition, most of its producers only raise a small number of animals each year, so there is a limited supply compared to other types of beef. Finally, because such cows produce such high-quality meat, they typically fetch a higher price at auction than any other type of cow.